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In 2 Corinthians 8–9 there is some significant teaching about giving and we do well to think about it. Armenian Christian Mission Inc. is the same as other most (if not all) missions in that it looks to the Lord to supply the finance necessary for its operations; it has no independent financial base.

In these chapters Paul writes about the accountability of those who were handling a significant sum of money that was being collected to help poor believers in Jerusalem and Judea. The money was not just entrusted to Paul to handle. Titus was also deeply involved in the collection and was helping organise the generous gift that had been promised by the church in Corinth. Two other brothers, both unnamed, were involved with them. Both men were of good reputation within the churches. One was a man whose praise was in the gospel throughout the churches and the other had proved himself to be diligent in many things.

Why write about this? In the last year, Armenian Christian Mission has become an incorporated organisation. This means that we now have to give account of ourselves to the relevant government bodies. This in itself is a good thing. Although as believers we should always be honest and straightforward in money matters, it is good to know that someone will be checking to ensure that the right thing is being done. In making the arrangements that he did, Paul was not only doing the right thing, but ensuring that the right thing was seen to be done.

At the same time as we think of accountability, we should also think of giving. An organisation like ACM Inc. does not have a financial base. It depends on the generosity of Lord’s people to continue its work. His work is of two kinds. There are the things which people would quickly recognise the kind of work we would do. Christian workers are supported and Christian literature is printed and distributed. We support our field officer and are the major sponsors for Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) workers.

Second, there is the humanitarian work which includes monthly financial support for the very poor or food parcels for some. This may include the provision of firewood in winter. Medical assistance is given in a number of cases.

Humanitarian assistance is not an end in itself. Our field officer in Armenia has the responsibility to take the gospel to the people we help; there is also another brother who conducts Bible studies with some of those we help. As a result a number of these people have come to faith in our Lord Jesus and several of them have been baptised.

You may ask what you can do. First and foremost we ask you to pray for the work. But we also ask you to consider giving to this work. Most of the CEF workers are subsisting on less than a minimum allowance; it is only with difficulty that they can continue their work for the Lord. Please pray about this and if the Lord leads you to give, contact our office for details of what you can do.