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For the past 20 years ACM has been organising mission trips to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabagh. These trips are never for sightseeing but as we visit villages, we cannot avoid seeing a rich history which goes back to when Armenia accepted Christianity in 301AD. And Mount Ararat is always in the background as we travel. We see many historical sites, share the local food, and visit some of the oldest church buildings in the world. When visiting Armenia we feel safe among the people because they are very hospitable. Over one million visitors come each year for its unique culture, food, historical sights and natural beauty.

Our main reason for visiting is to have fellowship with believers and to evangelise and spread the love of Jesus, and the good news of salvation, fully aware that for 80 years this Christian nation was deprived of the Gospel by the communists. The Lord has opened a wide door for us which we want to take advantage of. We work with many churches, preaching and teaching freely among adults, youth and children each time we visit.

Highlights include hearing the testimony of believers about how the Lord reaches them in time of need, meeting local pastors, visiting the sick and praying for them, and distributing donated goods from Australia. We visit needy families, seeing how the poor survive in temperatures which are sometimes below -30 degrees. We have a picnic with the 90 needy families we support; over 200 people attend. Mission team members also look forward to a time of prayer fellowship and devotions over breakfast within the comfort of the CEF building,

Gyumri is one of the largest cities in Armenia. The 1988 earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 destroyed almost half a million buildings and killed 60,000 people. Still today there are people who make their home in one of over 7000 containers. In Gyumri, ACM has the Cornerstone Chapel which is used for Gospel outreach. Your prayers are greatly needed.

ACM has been burdened with the work and the scale of the ministry, and needs your support and prayer. Armenia needs mature Christians to come and be blessed and be a blessing and encouragement to many. Many who join us become regular visitors. We are blessed by the wonderful work the Lord is doing in a country half the size of Tasmania, with a population of almost 3,000,000. 20% of the population is below 15 years of age, and 30% of the population lives below the poverty line.

Our next mission team is planned for September 2020. If you are interested and if the Lord is calling you please write to No visa is needed. Even washing is taken care of and a bus is always there to take us where we are going.