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Lifeline For Lebanon

Become a Monthly Supporter for a family in Lebanon

Lebanon is facing an urgent humanitarian crisis and needs immediate attention and support. After decades of a failing ruling party, political corruption, the largest non-nuclear explosion in human history, and an ongoing global pandemic, Lebanon is on the brink of collapse. ACM have extended our ministry areas to include and assist the Lebanese community living in poverty.

  • Lebanon is living through one of the world’s three worst financial and political crises since the mid-19th century
  • Approximately 77% of households in Lebanon cannot afford to buy enough food
  • Poverty rates exceed 50% of the population
  • More than 71% of the country’s population is expected to lose access to safe water
  • There is a severe shortage of medical supplies in pharmacies and hospitals are on the brink of collapse
  • The currency has lost 90% of its value since 2019
  • Lebanon currently has the lowest minimum wage in the world at US$29 per month
  • There is a mass shortage of essential items, including sanitary goods, nappies, and baby formula across supermarkets.
  • The Central Bank of Lebanon has now ceased subsidised energy across the country, with electricity now only available 4 hours per day
  • The country has depleted its fuel supplies, which means households, businesses, and hospitals cannot run their generators outside the 4 hour power allocation
  • Thousands of families are left to live in rubble and subpar conditions since their homes were destroyed in the Beirut explosion of August 2020

Ongoing Food Assistance

US$50 a month will provide food for an entire family for the month.

If you would like to support this ministry area, you can set up a recurring US$50 / month donation below.

Ongoing Food & Essentials Assistance

US$100 a month will provide a family with food and other essential items, such as medication, toiletries, and sanitary items.

Please consider becoming a long-term supporter of this vital ministry area. You can set up a recurring US$100 / month donation below.

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Food Assistance US$50 /mo

$50 / month can provide a month’s worth of food for a family in need.

Food & Essentials Assistance
US$100 /mo

$100 / month can provide a month’s worth of food and essential goods for a family in need.

You can either select to direct your monthly recurring donation to food assistance or medical assistance. Every donation is tax deductible in USA.

US Non-Profit Status

You can either select to direct your monthly recurring donation to food assistance or medical assistance. Please note, donations outside USA are not tax deductible.

AUS Non-Profit Status

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