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Winter Heat

Since the Armenian winter is very harsh from November to May, ACM supplies heating facilities to all of the families in our care including those in our Container program. We also supply heating for the Corner Stone Chapel in Gyumri and our office in Yerevan.

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The harsh reality of Winter in Armenia

The harsh winter in Armenia can be very trying for many of the vulnerable elderly and homeless people who are living in poverty.
Sadly, these people spend many months of the year without access to warm water or a heating system, consequently having to forego showers due to the lack of hot water in the extreme cold.

Our Brother Hratsh witnessed the sad reality faced by Armenians who have no access to heating, when he went to meet with one of the elderly citizens who had been receiving support from ACM, only to find he had died alone in his home, frozen to death in the cold.

Since that winter day in 1988, ACM has spent at least $15,000 a year solely on providing winter heat to the vulnerable in Armenia. Please help us to continue providing this much needed support every year.