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Artsakh Humanitarian Appeal

The current conflict in Artsakh has affected civilian areas, rendering them uninhabitable, wreaking havoc on the region’s housing, infrastructure and agricultural lands. This has directly contributed to the displacement of over 100,000 Artsakh refugees, now living in temporary shelters in Armenia with limited access to basic essentials. With the November 10 ceasefire agreement resulting in further loss of territorial lands, it is expected that the number of refugees displaced from these areas will increase.

Civilians in Artsakh faced 44 days of indiscriminate missile and drone strikes by Azerbaijani forces, hitting hospitals, schools, homes and Churches and displacing tens of thousands of families. Some of these people have lost husbands, fathers, sons and other loved ones and now face the harsh reality of having to rebuild their lives.

How you can help

Photos: Shant Sevag

Our centre in Armenia has been operating daily for the distribution of clothing, food parcels, blankets, and heat support. Our team is also working to match sponsors with refugee families, to provide long-term food, medical, and rental support for the refugees.

How you can help now!

1. Donate

Your donations will help us supply these refugees and families with urgent humanitarian needs. Our team in Armenia is purchasing and distributing locally-sourced supplies on a daily basis. We are also currently working to send another 40ft container with essential needs and supplies to Armenia urgently.

If you are in Australia, you can help by donating the items below, as well as making a monetary donation.

For countries outside Australia, your monetary donations will help us provide vital aids such as food, clothes, winter heat, medical, and rent support.

Items we need:

  • Clothing for children under 10. Due to Government regulations these need to be new clothing.
  • Adults underwear and garments
  • Pyjamas
  • Towels
  • Bedding – sheets, pillows, pillow cases and blankets.
  • Adult clothing for men and women (good condition used clothing is acceptable)
  • Shoes any size, must be new.
  • Hygiene products – sanitary pads and adult pads
  • Children toys
  • Medical Supplies – bandages in packs of 1000, surgical equipment, burn and skin ointments.
  • Furniture – new or used such as chairs, tables, wardrobes etc. Please no large furniture items, keeping in mind the rooms are small. We can only accept single beds, small couches, 4 seater dining tables, etc.
  • Kitchen items and utensils

NO Liquids

NO Flammable Items

Urgent Request in Australia

We need help with the supply and use of three tonne trucks available from time to time. We also need volunteers to help us load goods and to help us pack and register the goods ready for shipment to Armenia.

If you can help in anyway please contact us on

2. Sponsor a Family

Sponsor a family from US$90 a month to help them rebuild their lives and their children’s futures.

Your sponsorship will help in the following ways.

US$90 /month

US$90 / month can feed a family and cover other household expenses for a month.

US$100 /month

$100 / month can cover tertiary education fees.

US$200 /month

$200 / month can feed a family and cover schooling fees for up to two children.

US$210 /month

$210 / month can provide rental assistance to a family for an entire month.

US$220 /month

$220 / month can provide homecare assistance to the vulnerable and elderly.

US$300 /month

$300 / month can feed a family and provide rental assistance for an entire month.