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“ Arevshad “ meaning lots of sun, is a small village in Armenia.

Some years ago I was taken to Arevshad to pray for some needy families.

We walked into a large room with nothing in it, no furniture’s no pictures all it had was one window and one door facing us, as I walked in to the second room there was four beds one in each corner.

The farmer was married and had two disabled daughters, one had no understanding since childhood, she was around 20 years old, never walked or responded she was in bed 24/7 the other was in a wheel chair and she looked somehow disturbed.

Their mother did not want to care for the disabled daughters and she left the house the father re married and his second wife was the one who has been taking care of them both.

Then the father asked his daughter the one in the wheelchair to give her testimony, I was quite shocked I did not know she can talk but to give her testimony was a bigger surprise, she looked at me with a smile and said would you like me to recite it for you?

I have goose bumps all over me as she started to recite her testimony that went like this…

“From birth no one loved me, my mum abandoned me from childhood, I did not want to live any more till I heard of your love, my whole life was changed, He brought me a new joy and a hope, but I have one wish to ask you, not that you make me better so I can get up and walk, but that you make me better that I can come on my knees and worship you “

My eyes were teary not for the conditions they were in, not for her situation but I was amazed at the faith that she had in Jesus, and I start to wonder here I am 12000km away from home in a far village of Artevshad but where dose this faith come from?

The Lord is faithful and loving “will neither slumber nor sleep.” We may forget the poor and the widows but His watchful eyes are always upon them.

Yes we visit Armenia to encourage them in Christ but most of the time they encourage and amaze us by their faith.

Remember dose who are in need and oppressed, keep them in your prayers

ACM committed to take the Gospel to the poorest for the poor.