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Sponsor a Family

30% of the population of Armenia are living below the poverty line, and with the influx of refugees from the Artsakh War, over and above the existing Armenian refugees from the Syrian War, Armenia is facing a humanitarian crisis. ACM is committed to supporting as many of these people as possible through the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

Our field officers identify and evaluate a family in need, and submit a report with photos to the ACM, where we review and make a decision on who is sponsored through our initiative. Currently, family sponsorships start from as little as US$90 per month, where supports such as food, rent, heat, medication, and education are provided dependant on the needs of the sponsored family.

After receiving your registration as a sponsor, we work to match you with a family in need and begin the process of registering the selected family with the Armenian Government. All of our families are registered with the government, and as the support comes in, we show proof of benefit to the government.  Once this process is completed, we then complete the sponsorship process with you.

Throughout the course of your sponsorship program, we provide you with updates on the family and their developments. We can also offer a meet-and-greet service if you ever visit Armenia, where you can personally bond with your new family.

Sponsor a Family Now

Photos: Shant Sevag

Armenian Family Support

ACM has provided family support to families living below the poverty line in Armenia.

Through the Sponsor a Family program, the generosity of our sponsors allows us to provide ongoing support to vulnerable families to ensure they always have access to food, shelter, medication and more.

Our qualified and trained field officers work to match families in need with ACM sponsors, and together have been able to provide support to Armenians impacted by events such as the 1988 earthquake and Syrian-Armenian refugee crisis.

Artsakh Family Support

Currently, Armenia faces yet another humanitarian crisis, with the Artsakh war leaving over 100,000 Artsakh refugees displaced in Armenia.

ACM is working to provide immediate food, warm clothing, medication, and short term shelter to the refugees, whilst we evaluate their long-term needs to provide ongoing support through the generosity of our sponsors.

Due to the urgency of the current crisis, ACM is in desperate need of donations and new sponsors to aid Artsakh refugees’ plight in Armenia.