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Armenian Christian Mission Inc.

“helping those in need”

Armenian Christian Mission (ACM) is a humanitarian organisation established in Armenia since 1998. Registered in Australia, USA and Armenia, it has close ties with the Armenian Government with a mission to help refugees, people in need and in poverty, by providing containers of goods and clothing, financial support, food distribution, medical assistance, counselling and spiritual support.

We carry all this work through a small team of dedicated experienced Christian councillors and workers.

In the past 20 years, ACM has sent 20 containers with humanitarian goods worth more than $15 million: these goods have been distributed among the poor and in need. We also have a number of projects and foundations to help the many needy families and children in our care.

With God’s help and your support, ACM is committed to continue helping their spiritual and physical needs.

  • Supporting families in need (sponsor a family)
  • Food distribution
  • Medical support
  • Support for winter heating
  • Home care for individuals in difficult conditions
  • Container ministry (sending clothing and goods).
  • Outreach and Christian teaching
  • Children and youth ministry
  • Printing and distributing Christian literature.
  • Publication of Trumpet Sound magazine
  • Supporting Christian workers.
  • Encouraging believers to join our mission teams visiting Armenia

Please keep ACM in your prayers.  If led to help or need further information or for someone to visit you to do a presentation in your assembly, please get in contact with us.

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ACM Vision

The vision of Armenian Christian Mission is twofold.


We aim to see the gospel proclaimed as widely as possible, particularly to children and youth and to see those who believe becoming established in the faith.


We aim to show the love of Christ in a practical way to people who are disadvantaged. This is done through your prayers and support of ACM and its many ministries.

ACM Ministries

The work of ACM develops out of this vision and in the light of the history of the last 100 years. It is the history of the 1915 genocide, 80 years of communism, the 1988 earthquake and the ongoing problems of unemployment, poverty, corruption, and the war in Azerbaijan that makes our work so urgent. The following ministries indicate the way in which we attempt to pursue our vision.

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ACM Australia

Our office is registered in Australia and we have seven on the board. Our mission is a faith mission. On the beginning of each month funds are nil. Our first responsibility is to pray for the needy families in our care who look forward to receiving money for food, medication, rent, heat, operations, children’s needs and much more. We also must cover the rent of our office and the outgoings including wages to our workers and car expenses in Armenia. We follow all our family’s conditions daily and support and encourage our workers.

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ACM Armenia

ACM Armenia is registered in Armenia. It has five directors. We are in daily communication with them assessing conditions, praying and encouraging each other, planning all activities together, and discussing the difficult conditions that we face from time-to-time.

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ACM is registered in US as a humanitarian organisation. Your donations in the US are tax deductable, we are blessed to have three on the board looking after the administration. God willing there will be a donation of goods from LA, a container to reach to ACM Armenia in year 2020.

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Supporting Child Evangelism Fellowship

ACM from the early years has been supporting CEF with the children’s ministry. In the last 22 years CEF has reached 100,000 children and we will continue to stand by their side to reach every Armenian child with the gospel.

More about CEF