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Trumpet Sounds

Christian literature is one of the most important ministries in Armenia. Trumpet’s Sound is very popular both in Armenia and elsewhere. ACM will continue to play a vital role in supporting the printing and distribution of Christian literature in Armenia. This includes the printing of commentaries by bro Don Stormer and translation and printing of William MacDonald’s commentary, also we print and distribute 10.000 calendars each year for free.

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Celebrating 50 years of Trumpet Sound

What a joy to be an eyewitness to the life of this amazing magazine.

It is almost 15 years since the founding editor, Pastor Arto Kiujian, of this magazine went to be with the Lord, but through his prayers and God’s will the work carries on in an amazing way.

Today the magazine continues with over 4600 copies in circulation worldwide in 7 countries and in 3 languages: Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian and English. It may also be read further down the page. Trumpet’s Sound is freely distributed to over 50 churches in Armenia. The English magazine is four A4 pages folded and printed in colour and Armenian version has two extra pages with a lift-out Bible study section in the centre.

Who is involved and whom should we thank?

We take the opportunity to thank people who work hard for this ministry by reading, helping us distribute, or giving financially.

Armenian Christian Mission Incorporated

This mission covers any financial shortfall.


Pastor Harry Kiujian oversees the work.

Armenian Magazine

Brother Vartan Sarkissian, who has been the backbone of the magazine by dedicating his time to translate, type, design and ensure the printed version is ready on time.

English Magazine

This work is impossible without the help of Brother Don and Sister Helen Stormer. We are amazed at their dedication.


We are blessed with faithful believing writers, pastors and teachers of the Word who dedicate their time to bring us God’s Word, biblical teaching, testimonies, words of hope and courage, a magazine to be a light to a world in darkness and to reach to the lost with the good news of the Gospel.

Distributors Armenia

We are thankful for Bro Martun Harutyunyan who distributes the magazine in Armenia.

Posting Australia

We are thankful to Brother George and Sister Arshig Momartin who help by posting the magazine to six countries across the world: Australia, USA, Canada, France, Bulgaria, South America.

Our calling

Is to sound our trumpet as loud and as long as possible. We want to be ready for His coming and we want all our readers to join us as we look forward to the rapture. May the Lord bless you all. If you have been one of our long-term readers please drop us a line to let us know how the magazine has blessed you over the years.